The art of cocooning

Look beautiful right down to your nails!

Making your cocooning beauty ritual a success

Facial care

Moisturising your face keeps your skin healthy.

Hair care

Take care of your hair, use a shampoo with nourishing properties.

Nail care

Take care of your nail corners with an ultra-nourishing cuticle oil.

Body care

Apply antioxidant-rich oils to your body.


Essential oils

Choose natural, pure essential oils to nurture your skin.

Sun protection

Sun protection

There are four levels of sun protection. Each one is designed to meet a specific need.



Enhance your dark to fair skin with femininity and elegance.



A mixture of surfactants that dissolves fats in water.

Cosmetics: the latest trends

Suncare products

Hair care products

Dental products


The regulation on cosmetic products originates from the regulations on make-up and the legislation. It affects various clauses to adapt to EU law. This regulation ensures consumer protection. As with the label, certification guarantees environmentally friendly products. According to the European Commission, its basic principle is based on consumer safety.

The European Cosmetics Regulation applies to 31 countries. The definition of cosmetic standards affects 28 members of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. It is considered to be the most stringent regulation in the world. The make-up products used in the use tests must comply with the regulations in force. CLEAR, the legal representative for the UK and Europe for regulatory matters, is working to an elaborate strategic development plan. Cosmetic regulation requires a wealth of knowledge in cosmetic science, marketing and law.

The aesthetic sector is on the rise!

Eyelash extensions and enhancement

Eyebrow restructuring: microblading

Eyebrow restructuring must be followed by aftercare sessions if you want to maintain your result. The frequency of follow-up after microblading should be done every three to four weeks depending on your hairiness. Touch-ups clean up the line drawn at the time of the first appointment.

Eyelash extensions and enhancement

The downside of eyelash extensions is that the process is very high maintenance. You have to clean them, not use make-up and have regular touch-ups in the salon. If you choose a simple enhancement, you will not have to do any particular maintenance on your lashes for more than a month.